Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Dolman

It's Mid-week and guess what we have fallen in love with? The Dolman sleeve~ 
Originally, the term referred to a long and loose garment with narrow sleeves and an opening in the front. "In the years between 900 and 1300, costume had evolved gradually from loosely fitted, T-shaped tunics and loose mantles to more closely fitted styles of a more complex cut. As medieval courts became centers of fashionable life, special court dress developed. Made of more costly materials, clothing was often so extreme in cut that it clearly demonstrated that the wearer belonged to a more leisured class. As the economy improved, the manufacture and distribution of fabrics multiplied and new types of clothing became available. As the merchant class in the towns increased in wealth and numbers, fashionable dress was adopted not only by the nobility but also by the bourgeoisie. 
     Some elements of styles from the late Middle ages served as an inspiration to fashion designers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Notable revivals of medieval styles include, parti-colored clothing, sideless surcoats, cowl necklines, and hanging sleeves. The Magyar sleeve, cut full under the arm was revived in the 1930's and the World War II period as the "bat wing" or "dolman" sleeve. During the late Romantic through the Crinoline periods, hanging sleeves appeared again" (Tortora/Eubank) 

Now that you have had a short fashion history lesson, feel free to fall in love with The Dolman~

Alexander Wang Spring 10'

 Images courtesy of Google. Tortora, Phyllis G., and Keith Eubank. Survey of historic costume: a history of Western dress. Fairchild Books, 2005. Print

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pre-Fall Runway 2011

Happy Tuesday~

The other night I was looking at images from Pre-Fall 2011 Runway collections from Vogue. Let me just say, it was love at first sight! The mixture of textures and patterns with new shapes and drama was just about enough to make a girl unravel! I am loving using knits on the bottom, something I am playing with in my own designs, as well as the amazing fabrics and silhouettes. Here you will find pictures of some of my favorites, but in order to fully indulge you will have to visit Vogue Collections, enjoy your visual dessert lovelies~



Friday, January 21, 2011

Fall in love with French~

Hello lovelies, I came across a darling website called French General. French General is an all-things French site featuring paper, textiles, and lovely little notions. They are located in Los Angeles, but clearly they left their hearts in France. I hope you enjoy their website as much as I did~